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Can A Review Be Removed?

Reviews are not just randomly removed from the system.  We follow the standard RFCs or guidelines when it comes to reviews on our system.   Here are our policies on the removal of reviews.

Sometimes, a negative review will be completely false. Unfortunately, Search Magnet Local won’t delete reviews unless they utilize profane, racists, or other explicipt lanquage. They can also be removed it they take a direct attack on a person and discuss their name and information.  

If you run into this situation, the best thing to do is publicly respond by politely, but firmly explaining why the review is false.  You can also request it to be removed through your Reviews Module section of Search Magnet Local.

Of course, even if you clarify false reviews, they remain on the Internet, and every time they appear in search results it will impact your reputation. That’s why you need to look at proactive reputation management solutions that can help you promote your business online in a positive and truthful way. 

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