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Do I need a blog for my business?
There are many advantages to having a blog. Wordpress, for example, is easy to use and maintain.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the biggest advantages of having a corporate blog. Because blog content is updated frequently, blogs have some built-in search engine benefits. The blogging culture also encourages linking to other blogs, which can also improve your rankings in search results.

Search Possibilities
Having a blog lets you tap into a huge amount of search traffic, especially when you can write on all the different aspects of your business. You can capture search traffic that is asking very specific questions to blog entries that answer them. Now people will begin to stumble upon your website for extremely specific searches and know you are the right company for them.

Highlight your accomplishments and awards
The blog is a great platform to showcase any awards you win or hugely successful projects completed.

Share good news with the world
Got something positive to say about your industry? This is the place to share it, and inspire positive comments about what you are doing as well.

Build a subscriber base
Use your small business blog to build a subscriber base of current, past, and potential clients, as well as professionals in your industry and complimentary industries. Create an authoritative and powerful voice stemming directly from your organization.

Network with other companies for business to business
Use your blog to connect with other businesses, especially those that blog as well. You would be surprised how receptive other bloggers are to connect with you, and you may even develop new clients in this manner.

Leadership in Thinking
A great blog can position your company and key employees as leaders within the industry, putting your company in a position of greater authority within your industry.

Should every company have a blog?
Yes and no. The benefits of blogging seem to be fairly clear; however, these benefits are only achieved when the blog is updated regularly with great content. Unfortunately, this can be a significant time commitment. For companies who are not willing to put in the time and effort, it is better not to have a blog than to have a blog that has not been updated in months.  Here are a few things to think about:

  • Can you commit to at least one post per week? (2-3 is better)
  • Do you have people who have interesting things to say and with good writing skills?
  • Is someone available to manage the process and make sure that the blog never gets neglected?

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