Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard Website Setup

  • All websites will use either HTML or PHP programming
  • No backup files will be placed on the server
  • The directories should be setup as follows:
               Flash - all Flash files should be located there
               Form - this is where you up formmail.php (may include any Flash images)
               Images - all images will go in this directory
               Docs - all PDFs or doc files
               Movies - any WMVs that are on the websites
  • All coupons will be labeled printcoupon01.html, coupon01.jpg, and coupon01small.jpg, then printcoupon02.html, coupon02.jpg, and coupon02small.jpg.  No resizing within HTML is authorized.  There must be two images: one small and one regular for printing.  (Please ensure that the small one showing up on the site is clear.)
  • When clicking on the coupon for printing, it should open a new browser window.  Use the standard target="_blank" when creating the link.
  • If you have questions, look at how some of our other sites are setup.

Our Contacts

368 Commercial Street
Bridgeville, PA
Phone: 412-203-1996
Fax: 412-221-7000