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Spam Mail Overview


The spam filter checks the mail header for things like forged outlook clients, an incorrect future date, the dollar sign ($) in the subject line, etc. Depending on the content, values are assigned. For example, the dollar sign ($) is a strong indicator for spam so it is assigned a value of one point. The more spam aspects the mail contains, the more points it gets.

 Level of Protection

By default, we setup all email accounts at the lowest level of spam protection to begin. In the event that you require a higher level you would open a ticket and request to change the spam level.

 What Happens:

When a spam message that meets that level of protection comes into your webmail, it is put into your "spam folder" (you can view that folder by going to http://webmail.1and1.com ).  There you can look through the folder if you like and remove any messages that are not spam.

Note: a daily spam report is emailed to you which will list all the messages that are in the spam folder and provide the subject line. If you don't have any spam that needs to be removed, you can just leave them there and the messages will be deleted on a monthly basis.


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