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Why didn't my domain transfer complete successfully?

1. A transfer of Registrar is not allowed for a domain name within 60 days of
registration or within 60 days of a previous transfer. If this is the case, please
e-mail us at support@higherimages.com after the 60-day period.

2. A Registrar can place a lock on a domain name so that a transfer of Registrar
can not be completed.

3. The domain name may no longer be live and paid for. Until you renew it with your 
current Registrar, you can not transfer the domain name. You can see the domain's expiration date on the WHOIS information for the domain.
    You can see the domain's WHOIS at http://www.nic.com/nic_info/whois.htm. The status of the domain name should read “Active.” The registration and last changed date should also be displayed.

Additional conditions of a domain name transfer can be found on the ICANN website at

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