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What is the process for a Transfer of Registrar?

According to the transfer policy, you will need to fill out a Form of
Authentification (FOA). 1&1 will send an e-mail containing the FOA to the
domain owner (Registrant-c)* / Admin-c* listed in the WHOIS of your domain. It
contains a link to a website where you can accept or refuse the transfer. This
leads to the following 4 possibilities:

1. Domain owner (Registrant-c)* / Admin-c accepts the transfer. The transfer is
then initiated.

2. Domain owner (Registrant-c)* refuses the transfer. Transfer request is voided.

3. Admin-c* refuses the transfer. Domain owner (Registrant-c)* and customer
(1&1 account holder) are informed that there is now a time period x left for
the owner to accept the transfer. If the transfer is not accepted by the owner
during this time, the transfer request is voided.

4. No response by domain owner (Registrant-c)* or Admin-c*. The customer (you or
the 1&1 account holder) is informed and the FOA is re-sent. If there is no
response after additional notice, the transfer is voided.

* Sometimes the domain owner (Registrant-c) and Admin-c can be the same person.

Please note: the transfer is initiated as soon as 1&1 obtains consent
and there is NO LOCK set on the domain. If there is a LOCK set on the domain,
1&1 cannot initiate the transfer process, even if you have approved the
transfer request.

For more information on the transfer process, please visit http://www.icann.org/transfers/index.html

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