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How do I see the Keywords Focused On?

First You must be an SEO Client.  If you are the keyword phrases that are focused on may be changed ever couple months to which is decided during your meetings you have with your SEO Team Leader.  To get to the area to see on a particular month what is focused on do the following:

  1. Log Into the Web Marketing Console.
  2. Select Under Products "Search Engine Optimization"
  3. Select the account you wish to find the information on and click on the name.
  4. Once in the SEO Account select "Monthly Reports"
  5. Look for the month you wish to review and click on the date.  To get to this page it may take a little time because it is loading all your Google Analytics information, Rankings and other information.
  6. Click on "Tracked Keywords / Focus" Tab
  7. At the top it displays the current keywords that are being focused on.  Under that it will show you all keywords that are currently being tracked in the system.


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